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Question Question about Ecuador Sipbroker and Voxalot and SPA3102

If I am in the USA and another person is in an area with almost no local VOIP call in numbers in terms of service provides (which is my understanding there), then I have some basic questions:

1) May it be the laws that are prohibiting this or why doesn't VOIP providers go there?

2) If the person has an SPA3000 or SPA3102 what is the best set up for them to call into the USA? I know there are many options. I have noticed Phonegnome, FWD, etc. I would like for them to be able to dial into their phone locally from anywhere and connect to me here in the USA and vice versa. I already have broadvoice on an SPA3102 - I was going to put FWD on the second line but I am told now that the PSTN line on the SPA3102 doesn't allow a VOIP incoming call and it is mainly for pure PSTN or PSTN/VOIP VOIP/PSTN gateways.

3) Are 800 #'s free for the callee in Ecuador if they are based in the USA, I assume then the cost for an 800 # would be international rates for the person called? Can SIPBroker help with this?

4) How does Voxalot fit into this picture, or does it?

Purpose - decent to high quality calls for cheap or nothing and ability to reach the person more than just at the location where the phone first rings (either by simultaneous rings or follow-me).

Any detailed advice would be most appreciated.

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