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Originally Posted by kailas View Post
Can I surf the web during VOIP calls? I am asking this because it usually happens to me that i am having call and also i need to search web at the same time.I don't know much about Voip.Can anyone help me?
You usually should be able to do this without any issues but it depends on your upload/download speed. You are probably looking at approx 120Kbit/s upload for the highest quality of voice data. (G711) Most broadband connections exceed this and if not you can always try a lower speed codec. (G729) with very little loss of quality if any.

If you do a lot of downloading at high speed (maxing out your connection) then you may have problems but this can be resolved by using a router with QoS (Quality of Service) features and setting them up to give priority to VOIP traffic.
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