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I mean many people are used to buy prepaid phone cards, it would be nice if voxalot team would let us dial out using prepaid phone card.

Right now we can use prefix on the number we want to dial, what i want them to make is a way we users can dial out by feeding the access number for the prepaid calling card in voxalot and feeding the pin number from the phone card. When we dial the number if wish to call like 0092xxxxxxx. voxalot system would automatic first dial the access number 800xxx. for the phone card and then the pincode of the card and then the number we have chosen to dial out.

Right now this is not possible from voxalot, but i know it works fine with a regular mobile phone, if i type in a mobile the whole access number, pincode and the number i wish to dial in one sentence (800xxxx.p123456789p0092xxxx.) it works fine. It would be nice if voxalot could make it happend

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