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Default How about Voxalot working with calling cards ?

Hi Martin

I was wondering if this would be possible now or in the future :

What i was thinking of was, today there are lots of calling cards giving away lots of minutes to many places in the world. There are many cheap calling cards that gives you many minutes to Asia or Europe then what a voip company would charge you. So what i was thinking was, to have voxalot system that would also work with different calling cards. To make this happend all there have to do is to activate a calling route, that first dials the local number for the calling card, and then it type the pincode and in the end the number you wish to dial.

So to make this happend there should be a dial plan that understands when you for example dial 21532116 that is the local phone number for a calling card, that it automatik pushes the pincode all you have to do is to type the phone number you wish to call.

I know this function works fine with a cellphone, all i have to do is to type : 21532116p123456789p0092xxxxxxxx

21532116 = local calling card access phone
123456789 = pincode
0092xxxxxxx = the phone number i wish to dial

p = is not regular p on the cellphone it comes up on the cellphone when you press the * button 3 times or on some mobil you have to press and hold the * button.

Does voxalot today accept p to type a pincode and then the number i wish to dial ?

On this way all you have to do is to buy a calling card and then you will have controll on your phone bills.

Anyone understood what i mean ? I hope someone would like this, many local access number starts with 800xxxxx and voxalot supports them for free also. So it would be nice if there somehow could manage to work

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