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I can't get the justvoip softphone to function properly under WINE, so I couldn't try that. I tried using the Linphone softphone, which generally works for me. But it wasn't registering properly for some reason. So I went back to experimenting with the second line on my ATA--which, as mentioned above, is configured to register directly with justvoip, not going through voxalot.

Here are some initial results. Called a number using the second line and it terminated normally: I could hear the other party fine, and they could hear me fine. I asked if I could call back immediately and they agreed. I used line 1 for this second call--the line that registers with voxalot and uses justvoip as VSP. I got MOCS on that call: I could hear the other party fine, but they could not hear me. I hung up and called them back immediately again using line 2 (the one with justvoip direct register) and MOCS was not in play: just like the first call I made to them using line 2, I could hear them just fine and they could hear me.

So, it looks in this case like the issue has something to do with the way justvoip and voxalot are interacting, does it not? I'll keep experimenting to see whether, every time I get MOCS on line 1 (voxalot with justvoip as VSP), the issue goes away when I use line 2 (direct registration with justvoip, not going through voxalot). As I recall I did, in the past, have the MOCS issue on line 2 as well. But I'll have to try this all anew to confirm that.

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