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Originally Posted by vk4akp View Post
OMG No!!!!!!!!!! How can VoXaLot close down?

There is nothing even remotely like it available for VoIP.

How will we be able to cross dial across different VoIP providers in the future?

There must be some way to save VoXaLot???

No! I totally agree with vk4akp.

There is no alternative for a service like voxalot.

There must be a way to continue Voxalot, what if a every user pays $ 15,- or a bit more. Could that save Voxalot, it is such a great service!
It would be a shame if this system and very fine userface, will stop.

Why have decided to stop the service? And not first asked if users want to pay to continue the use of the service?

Sipsorcery is much more difficult and has always FUP-issuses with Betamax/Finera, so that's no alternative.

Voxalot is great, hope it will be also in the future!
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