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Originally Posted by sim2sim View Post
Excuse for my English.
Particularly: number PSTN +74956877598, on ENUM Record
If on registration ATA is active - the call (from other network) comes on it.
If on there is no active registration of the equipment - there is an вusy tone, a call on PSTN +74956877598 does not leave.
And with PSTN +79161804698 - as.
Where to search for a problem?

How are you testing this though ....remember ENum will trigger the second route, but it'll depend on whether or not the provider you are using to place the call in the first place supports this....

eg. If you are testing from SipBroker it will not call the PSTN destination, because it would then get stuck with the bill...

In any case will do some testing myself to see how it responds...
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