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Originally Posted by amroe View Post
How i can make my Home Number as a DID number and give it to the SipBrooker i have two PSTN numbers and i wont to give one to the SipBrooker , so what do i need to do that ....
The first thing I would check, is to make sure the place you are getting those DIDs from would allow this. For example, almost all "residential" phone lines would consider such use to be a disallowed "business usage" (possibly getting you in trouble with the telco you got the DID from). However, assuming your PSTN numbers are OK to use in this fashion, than there are (from a technical standpoint) two steps to turning those DIDs into SIP Broker numbers:

1) You need some hardware/software that will answer the DID when it rings, and then prompt the user for digits (that are remembered for step #2).

2) After the digits (and don't forget the *-key as a "digit", because the *-key is very important in SIP Broker dialing) are received, you need some way to send a SIP call to:
(where "digits_the_user_dialed" is the exact sequence of digits the user dialed in).

i.e. A SIP Broker PSTN number essentially answers the phone, collects the digits, and then uses those collected digits to mimic normal use of SIP Broker.

If your DID is one that can be redirected to another person's server, SIP Broker can help you with those two steps if you wish (as we do have a server that can handle the voice prompting and redirecting). Or, if you like, you can do the whole thing yourself.

Originally Posted by amroe View Post
I have an ADSL spped of ((5MB / 512 KB))
Which could easily get used up quickly, if you are constantly hosting VoIP calls via your donated DIDs. I'm not telling you not to do it, just warning you that whichever server hosts the DIDs also ends up paying the bandwidth for any VoIP calls made with those DIDs...

Originally Posted by amroe View Post
I have an SPA-3102 (( LinkSys ATA ))
If your DIDs are already VoIP DIDs that can be redirected to another server, than this isn't needed.

However, if they are real telco PSTN lines, than you will need some device to convert them to VoIP. And an SPA-3102 can be used for convert a single telco phone line into a 1 DID (one user at a time) VoIP line. In fact, just an SPA-3102 + a PSTN line + a little bandwidth is enough hardware to make a single line SIP Broker PSTN number. What you would want to do (in that case), is have the SPA-3102 answer your PSTN number, and then allow the calling in user to dial digits which your SPA-3102 will send to the proxy...

Originally Posted by amroe View Post
I have 24 hours working server ..
If you can install Asterisk :: An Open Source PBX and telephony toolkit | on that server, that would give you much more options for automated voice prompting, etc. However, if you just arrange to redirect those DIDs to a SIP Broker server (assuming they are DIDs from someplace that lets you "redirect" them), than you wouldn't have to worry about "rolling your own" (as SIP Broker already is setup to host such DIDs).
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