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Default Portforwarding and Nat Handling at Voxalot Server

Hi All,

First of all thanks for the great service. I have a quick question for all the pros here. I have a Thomson 510 ADSL Modem\Router and a SPA3102 attached to it. I have the necessary Ports (TCP and UDP) forwarded to SPA 3102. Till before the upgrade of the servers I have the calls going well and get connected pretty soon. But soon after the upgrade I am having the problems. The following are the problems I am facing:

1) Some times the calls to my Voxalot number (have an IPKall DID) goes to voicemail without ringing. The calling party instead of hearing the ring tone, they hear some noices and after a minute it goes to the voice mail. During the same time I looked at my SPA and it shows registered with voxalot correctly and I can make outbound calls at the same time. Only incomming calls have the problem. For oubound calls I am using VoipCheap thru a dial plan in my voxalot account. Does any one have a clue for this issue. I currently have it registered with us server. Any kind of ideas to get this running will be highly appreciated.

2) During the same time itself I tried calling from another voxalot registered with Voxalot us server and I experienced the same problem. Again when I tried from a land line and from voxalot account after about an hour the same setup works well. Is it something to do with load in the servers. Now we have more servers still why the problem is happening? Any help will be highly appreciated.

My questions for the pros here are the following.

1) Can the above problem may be due to the load in the servers?
2) Can this be due to some load issues at IPKall. But even call from voxalot to voxalot is also not working?
3) Can it be because of double NAT. One at the router at my end and one at Voxalot server?

I like to hear from the gurus before I make the settings changes. Please help.

Note:- The voxalot account I am trying to call is located in INDIA and connected to US Server. In India the Internet connection is ADSL.

Martin : Can you be able to run a trace in my account to see any thing wrong with the registrations or NAT.

Shibu Raj
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