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Originally Posted by addo62 View Post
Just wondering whether this combo actually works in Australia or not?

Most of the user setup guides do not mention Australia??

I have been trying this since yesterday & followed the user guides exactly but I have had no joy in getting a call through.

As suggested I have tried my home # in different formats i.e. with & without dialing codes, but still nothing.

PhoneGnome shows calling records but no calls actually make it through to my home phone.

I even tried the combination using MySipSwitch as well with no luck.

Any advice appreciated
Australian numbers supported as below:
Australia 61 All Except 1, 4, 5, 71, 89100, 89101
See: Qualifying International Numbers

That said, there has been an issue for the last few days getting PhoneGnome to accomplish the forwarding....SipBroker times out at about 30sec whereas it seems PhoneGnome is taking 40-42 secs before setting up the call..... (I can confirm this is affecting the MySipSwitch and PBXes setup, have not tested with VoXalot Call Forwarding, but Using VoXalot to call with PhoneGnome works fine, even though it takes about 40 sec before you hear any ringing)

At this point, it is a waiting game, waiting for PhoneGnome to resolve their issues/speed up their call setup process
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