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Default call forwarding problem

My voxalot account works and my dial plan works but call forwarding doesnt work. I want actually voxalot to forward my calls.

I did the following things.

1. I have registered to voxalot with the number XXXXXX.
2. I have used X-PRO softphone to log into voxalot SIP account.
3. Then I have called my softphone from my mobile by accessing SIP broker Germany PSTN number 089121409114. and gave *031XXXXXX.
4. I have successfully received the call to X-PRO softphone.

So my voxalot account is functional

then I have setup my dial plan through voipcheap.

Dial plan:
Priority Pattern Replacement Provider Active
1 _00. ${EXTEN} voipCheap Yes [Edit] [Delete] 0

and then called 0049394495083 from the X-PRO softphone(voxalot account), the call is successfully established through voipcheap.

then I have set a call forwarding rule as follows

Call forwarding:
Priority CID Pattern Day Start Time End Time Forward To Active

1 - Every 0:00 23:59 0049394495083 via voipCheap Yes [Edit] [Delete]

and then I have called my softphone from my voxalot account by accessing SIP broker Germany PSTN number 089121409114. and gave *031XXXXXX, now I get engage tone and the call didnt get forwarded to 0049394495083

If I remove the call forwarding option then I am able to receive the call on Softphone. I did not understand where I went wrong. Can anybody guide me how to solve the problem and forward the calls successfully.

Thanks in advance.
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