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mattfromabove 11-05-2010 08:51 PM

URGENT BUG - why VOX is NOT connecting to sip address of PBXES.ORG????
this is really surprising. I thought there is sth. wrong with registration to e164.org/ENUM, because no calls were connected, but today I just tried to use a speed call in sip uri format and found out that VOXALOT and SIPBROKER is NOT connecting to thius address... why?

What is the reason?

I do not understand it at all, as it IS VALID and FEASABLE to do it from other VOIP applications/providers

Can anyone FIX this EVIDENT bug - or explain what strange policy of Sipbroker or Voxalot bans those addresses???????

mattfromabove 11-05-2010 09:25 PM

an UPDATE... your server indicates new uri but does not connect the same
I'm afraid that your servers (ENUM lookup) have some problems - now they just do not connect any number, which in the past I checked and working (also through access numbers)

I do hope that this will be fixed in few days

emoci 11-06-2010 01:54 AM

There is a known issue with sip calls to user@pbxes.org not going through...

The main reason I am aware is that PBXes does not expect incoming calls to user@pbxes.org (it wasn't built that way)...

Attempting calls to user-123@pbxes.org also fails unless you mannage to set up dummy trunks and the appropriate inbound rules to deliver calls.

My understanding is that issues with SIP Calls to pbxes.org are not VoXalot specific issues...but rather a general issue with all providers attempting incoming SIP Calls to PBXes...(try calling the same SIP URI from CallCentric for example).

As far as VoXalot and SipBroker ENum routing:

-To test VoXalot ENum routing (having enabled ENum under Smart Call/Dial Plans, use the test line to enter the number with an ENum record you wish to call... it should tell you how it is treating it).
-To check SipBroker ENum routing use this link SIPBroker - ENUM Lookup

mattfromabove 11-06-2010 11:21 PM

I'm afraid I was totally misunderstood
I'm afraid I was totally misunderstood

I do NOT have any problems with connecting to pbxes uri from OTHER sip/voip routs

the problem IS EXCLUSIVELY yours that is Voxalot

also regarding ENUM lookup... it WAS executing it properly some days ago, now IT IS NOT

not only - also using access numbers is the same story, so this is a SIPBROKER PROBLEM - not ENUM, not the way Voxalot understands the path


or if you checked and it is working for you so write it clearly

441516 11-08-2010 08:12 PM

Just tested and I confirm that Betamax--internetcalls.com-- does ring xxxxxxxx@pbxes.org.
Also tested voxalot to pbxes and failed.

mattfromabove 11-09-2010 02:37 PM

What a strange policy...?!!!

not only pbxes connections are BLOCKED from VOXALOT.... I just found out that you also block calls to GIZMO (sipphone)..... wow what else? who knows!

To make it clear:

- some time ago for sure Vox connected to pbxes
- some time ago for sure Sipbroker (and Voxalot) connected to GIZMO

- it is not SO MUCH important for me that Voxalot blocks anything for whatever reason (politics, money, sex, drugs or rock&roll), it would be only serious to STATE it somewhere, as you make a lot of PR that you're leading force in open VOIP interconnectivity

- so for me it is not so important, but UNFORTUNATELLY you also run Sipbroker, and those URIs are blocked also throgh Sipbroker,

- I'm afraid that you'll start blocking all domains, just to gain some money... as when the ENUM search results not correct, the calls will pass through paid voip providers...

Now I do not care so much about sipbroker itself (apart it makes me nervous when someone lies), but there are many COMPANIES who gave you ACCESS NUMBERS FOR FREE around the world, helping to make Sipbroker a world wide trademark

I do not know what do THEY think, when their free numbers connecting to sipbroker are NOT executing ENUM search correctly (or rather it doesn't pass the call to the forbidden URIs...)

Not only - when normal persons, not affascinados, try to use your system and foud it not running properly, they'll simply turn to traditional phone companies, who offer always cheaper and cheaper international connections thet are more reliable!

Forget idea of VOIP world (at least free VOIP as regular telcoms uses it as well, though no one knows it).

I have this strange feeling that informatics completely undervalue the meaning of stability, which is the most appreciated by normal persons - and live their own 'freak' dark world of continuous changes, complicated procedures and neverending inner stories, completely not understandable for outside sunny world

carlosalbffgomes 11-09-2010 07:07 PM

Voxalot DOES NOT block any SIP URI

Originally Posted by mattfromabove (Post 33319)

not only pbxes connections are BLOCKED from VOXALOT.... I just found out that you also block calls to GIZMO (sipphone)..... wow what else? who knows!


I can assure you that it is not Voxalot blocking any SIP URI destination, but the other way around. From about two years ago -- after Google's Gizmo acquisition --, that Gizmo is blocking all Voxalot traffic (registration and SIP URI calls).
So, whenever you see trouble with calls from Voxalot, don't assume that it is a Voxalot issue. In the above cases you mention, it's an issue with the destination provider, in some cases intentionally -- as it is with Gizmo --, sometimes unintentionally, derived from some sort of bug or misconfiguration.
If you have all properly configured, ENUM should work (it's working for me, I can assure you). But not blame someone without knowing all the equation. Some of these complete or partial blocking is the result of some commercial policy, as it is in the cases of Gizmo and Betamax clones. And users that doesn't understand how VoIP works, tends to blame the wrong provider, in this case Voxalot.

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