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mgoebel 05-17-2009 02:24 PM

Why doesn't ClaroLITE work for me?
Hello fellow Voxalot users,

I switched to Clarolite (¡Exprésate GRATIS con ClaroLITE!) since Tpad switched off it's break in number in Lima and Sipbroker never had one.

Does anybody know about Clarolite? I need it so that my Peruvian friends can call me for the price of a local call.

In Voxalot it shows up as Registered for incoming calls. Nevertheless I cannot receive calls, also when I try to use Clarolite with a softphone.

Maybe I just have to wait for a server actualization? I've signed up only hours ago.

Or is this all crap?

emoci 05-17-2009 03:20 PM

See http://forum.voxalot.com/sip-broker-...r-gateway.html

Both Bezecom and iNum seem to have a Lima, Peru access number...(and as a VoXalot user you've already got an iNum number...http://forum.voxalot.com/voxalot-sup...nectivity.html)

As for ClaroLite, you attempted this right:
Sip proxy: sf1.clarocom.com
Sip user id: your clarolite CIN account number (7 digits): 1234567
Sip password: whatever password you used to open your clarolite account.

mgoebel 05-18-2009 08:09 AM

iNum access number in Lima rocks!
Thank you, Emoci,

this was really useful information. My ClaroLITE account never started to work, although I did everything as you told me, but iNum just rocks! I have checked the local iNum access number in Lima and made some calls to my iNum number.

I guess I will give out this number to my friends in Lima, although they now have to dial a very long extension (= my iNum number).

Do you have the SIP credentials of Bezecom? I also signed up with them, but obiously want to use it on my ATA instead of their software.

Thank you for everything!


emoci 05-18-2009 08:17 PM

Bezecom Server: bezecom.bezeqint.net

As for ClaroLite, I haven't actually tested it but the settings I posted were suggested by one of the guys on DSLR

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