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tomblandford 06-22-2009 10:05 PM

Export WebCallBack - leading zero lost
I tried to export my webcallbacks so that I could change my home number on about half of the entries in one go. The leading zero was lost on all my UK numbers but the US ones which start with the area code were of course not affected. When I reimport the zeros are gone so the calls do not get routed properly. I have to manually go down the list and edit them all to fix it.

Is it possilbe to modify the export funtion so that a ' is placed before each number in excel? That will retain the zero up front. This ' is ignored by default in excel, so will not appear in Voxalot when the import is done.

carlosalbffgomes 06-23-2009 08:08 AM

The problem is with excel
The problem you report happens because excel and not because Voxalot export functions. When you open the file exported by Voxalot with excel, all numbers are imported as numbers and not as text, so the leading zero plays no meaning.
As Voxalot export as a CSV file (a text file in which each value is separated by commas in a line), you should edit this file as a pure text file, maintaining it's format. In windows, you should open it with Notepad and edit it as text. In this way, the problem you report will no longer appear.

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