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sam 10-15-2010 10:49 AM

give pstn canada a way to call me in france
i am a newby about voip but need to be able to call a phone number , hang down, ring back , hang on to dial the international number . i was thinking voxalot act like aasterik server for callback .

1)i have a SIP account in france to call canada at low rate.
how PSTN canada phone number could reach me in france using my SIP account ? canada number begin 001 514 xxx xxxx.

2) i have the same question when being in france and wanted to call using my mobile phone in france to reach telephone number locate in canada ( mobile or fix) . my french voip /SIP account as low rate for mobile connection. does the solution is open two SIP account ?

3) wich software *server* under windows MS support internet<-->bluetooth PC *server*<--->bluetooth mobile <--illimited rate---> mobile phone.
i have many sim card and mobile connection is illimited between for 3 number .
See asterik support this but under linux

4) does my voxalot account could be reach from french pstn phone .
is there a tutorial that explain this ?

5) when use voip software instead gigaset DECT voip telepehone the quality of audio is bad. hardware is better than software ?.
Does the audio quality is lower when use 2 providers ( voxalot and french sip account) instead one ( french sip provider) ?.

emoci 10-16-2010 04:05 PM


Who is your SIP Acct. in France with?

Is this number (+33-1-79-99-79-99) local to you in france, do you incurr charges calling that number from the cell phone?

sam 10-31-2010 06:11 PM

what do you mean with the number phone ?

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