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DarthMountainbike 08-16-2009 04:49 PM

Can't receive calls to X-Lite 3 (only voicemail)
Hi everyone,

I just registrered at Voxalot (being a SIP-newbie). I've downloaded and installed the X-Lite 3 softphone for testing purposes as I don't yet own a physical SIP-compatible device. Outgoing calls work just fine (at least I can call the echo test-number; I hear myself perfectly) - calling the voice mail number also works fine. Incoming calls, on the other hand, aren't forwarded to my phone at all. Here's a summary of my setup:
  1. X-Lite 3 build 53117
  2. X-Lite configuration options exactly as shown in the Voxalot Wiki.
  3. Windows Vista x64 (the Windows firewall is set to allow X-Lite communication)
  4. Thompson Router (using factory default settings)

Can anyone please tell me why the X-Lite phone doesn't receive the calls I'm making? If I use SipBroker to call it, I get the voicemail message after waiting for about 10 seconds (after which I get an e-mail with an attached WAV-file with the recorded message).

Any help to get me going is much appreciated :).

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