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Tslam 02-18-2007 08:26 AM

Voicemail Logic
I think we still need some way of calling our voxalot voicemail *without* encountering the voxalot voicemail delay (D).

The logical way to achieve this IMO would be to bypass D when registered UserA calls their own voxalot account A. Otherwise, when say UserB, another proxy, or eg voxbone, calls A@voxalot, voxalot forwards them to voicemail after the configurable delay D. Does this make sense?

D creates problems when UserA, for instance, wants to configure their own voicemail delay E. Typically this occurs when UserA's ATA (eg the SPA3000) manages scenarios such as Cfwd All, Cfwd No Ans, and Cfwd Busy, via PSTN and VoIP Gateways. This results in a clunky delay E+D. It's no use setting D=0, because that stops UserA picking up VoIP calls altogether.

I'm not saying that voxalot shouldn't have its own configurable delay, D; because many users don't have SPA3k's, and they're relying on voxalot to catch their unanswered VoIP calls when they don't get to the 'phone.

This problem, as I've described it, is nothing new. It has been discussed by Dracofelis and others. The problem has been tolerated in most cases either because E>>D, or because voxalot only used to forward calls to voicemail when UserA returned "busy" or "unavailable"; not when there's "no answer".

The bottom line: can we please have a mechanism for calling our own voicemail with nil delay. While also retaining the delay for those who don't have ATA Gateways. Thanks!

Tslam 02-23-2007 06:56 AM

I hasten to add that D should be bypassed whenever From=UserA@<anywhere>, even when the source isn't *registered*.

A user's Cfwd might come from a SPA Gateway (or some other device), which isn't registered. For example I have several VoIP devices that can receive and forward calls (both phones and gateways), all with UserID=<my vox number>. But only one of them is actually registered to voxalot.

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