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haiflosse 07-16-2007 10:46 AM

voxalot call forwarding with sipcall
I use sipcall as incomming calls with voxalot. I want to add a call forwarding when somebody call my sipcall number and after 20sec. the call should be forwarding to my mobilenumber.

I tried to create a follow-me at sipcall but they wrote me:

Under your account at sipcall there is registred an voxalot account. Therefore the follow-me service will not work.

Hope somebody can tell me how I can add such a call forward with voxalot.
Thanks a lot for any answer.

martin 07-16-2007 10:56 AM

Over the next couple of months we plan to add more functionality to our "Call Connection" (old call forwarding) feature.

The functionality you are requesting is one that we are considering. The trick here is, we also want to keep the "new" Voxalot simple to use so we are carefully considering our options.

Long story short, you can't currently do this.

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