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yfm 05-29-2007 08:03 PM

Adding Providers - Outbound calls
I have question regarding the Adding Providers feature:
It looks like this works for inbound calls only. Am I correct?
If I am not correct, How can it work for outgoing calls? I mean if the Voxalot is what why ATA is registered with and I have 3 or providers added to my Voxalot account. How can I direct an outbound call through a specefic VoIP server which is registered in my Voxalot account?

I am not talking here about the SPA 3000 which has additional 4 outgoing gates.

wildbill 05-29-2007 09:27 PM

I change my providers by changing their priority within Voxalot dial plans numbering system.
So if I am not happy with the quality of a provider all I do is change its order in the dial plans and give the next mob a go.
Also using your Voxalot dial plan you can direct specific types of calls through a particular provider - here is Aust for example we have a provider, Pennytel, who have good rates for mobile calls so i direct all these calls through them by using the Voxalot dial plans - Bill

Hally 05-31-2007 12:53 PM

Personally, I run my dial plans pretty tight and give priorities to the main VSPs I use. However, I also use 1*, 2*, 3* etc to force a call through a particular provider. I find this gives me complete control over which VSP I use if I don't want to use the normal rules implemented.
eg. If I normally put a call through Pennytel and they maybe down at the time I will use 2* followed by the number to place the call through the provider that I have linked 2*.
It works very much like using the SPA's gateways however, you can have a lot more than 5 VSPs with Vox and a lot more versatility.

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