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shibukraj 04-29-2007 03:58 AM

Unable to receive calls

I am facing a strange problem for last couple of days. First all started with failed registrations. It got resolved by itself. Now what I am facing is I can make outbound calls from my SPA 3102. But I am not getting any calls to my SPA 3102. All are going to my VM. Even I tried calling from another voxalot account. After a silience for a minute it goes directly to VM. But when this happens I looked in to the status of the SPA 3102 and it shows registered. The following is the status.
System Status
Current Time: 4/28/2007 20:53:05
Elapsed Time: 02:18:58
RTP Packets Sent: 59488
RTP Bytes Sent: 1188832
RTP Packets Recv: 59515
RTP Bytes Recv: 1190300
SIP Messages Sent: 4219
SIP Messages Recv: 43
SIP Bytes Sent: 1715010
SIP Bytes Recv: 27834
External IP:

SPA 3102 is located in INDIA and I do have remote login to the box. Can any one help me in resolving this issue. I have DID's forwared to mu Voxalot account as well. calls to that is also going to VM. Any help is highly appreciated.

Best Regards

wilsonhlacerda 04-29-2007 04:17 AM

Just for a while, why don't you try a temporary solution like that:

You can set one extension to VoXaLot and point all your multiple inbound DIDs to it.

shibukraj 04-29-2007 07:19 PM

Hi there,

First of all thanks for the reply. I went through the link you provided and it talks about PBXes and I am kind of confused here. What I have is an SPA 3102 registered directly with us.Voxalot.com. I have 3 providers attached to my Voxalot account with different dial plans. Also I bought a DID from LES.Net and forwarded to voxalot_userid@us.voxalot.com. And this SPA 3102 is in INDIA and connected using a ADSL connection. I do have remote login to this SPA 3102 and a DynDNS name.

What happens now is My dad from INDIA can call me in to my cell and any other number from there and call is going through fine and call quality is also good. But when I tried calling him using the DID's (which is forwared to voxalot id registered with SPA 3102) it is going directly to VM.

My question here is again after reading the link you send across, how can I set an extention and then forward my DID. In LES.Net web site, what I can do is forward the calls to a sip URI.

Can you please help me in understanding the temp solution you provided? I am ready to experiment as well?
Also note that, the DID was working fine for couple of weeks with out any issues. It all started with registration issues and then to the present state.

Any help is highly appreciated.

wilsonhlacerda 04-29-2007 07:40 PM

Just before the temp solution I suggest you to:

1. Forward your DID to <voxalot user>@voxalot.com (no us.voxalot)
2. be sure that the cluster you are registering your ATA to (eu, us, au) is the same that your voxalot account is set to (see in "My account")
3. put at least 20 in the "Ring duration" under "My account"
4. if you have in the same network in India more than 1 ATA OR your ATA is registered to voxalot and also to other provider OR you run a softphone in a PC, be sure that only 1 of them is registered to voxalot AND each one is using different ports for registration (5060, 5061, 5062 and so on).

Try this way if it does not work come back an then I can explain in more detail how to set the temp solution.

shibukraj 04-29-2007 09:12 PM

Hi wilsonhlacerda and Others,

I tried the solution you mentioned and I still have the same issue. I just have only one ATA and one line connected to voxalot. Moreover, there is no other provided connected to my ATA other than Voxalot. I manage different VSP's in voxalot.

The following are my account details.
Server Cluster - us (both in ATA and in My account)
Ring Time - 90 Sec.

When I tried to call from US (where I am now) to my ATA in INDIA using X-lite in my US network, then also the call is directly going to VM. During the same time when I look at amy ATA (India) Info web page there is no sign of calls being received or not. I am wondering what could be the issue.

Again for your ref: My SPA 3102 System Staus info.
System Status
Current Time: 4/29/2007 14:05:49
Elapsed Time: 01:02:06
RTP Packets Sent: 0
RTP Bytes Sent: 0
RTP Packets Recv: 0
RTP Bytes Recv: 0
SIP Messages Sent: 280
SIP Messages Recv: 257
SIP Bytes Sent: 104711
SIP Bytes Recv: 133980
External IP:

Any help is highly appreciated. Last night my Dad was able to call to my cell phone from INDIA. When I tried calling him back, it goes to VM

Best Regards

kurun 04-30-2007 03:47 AM

Do you have more than one ATA or soft phone registered to the same account?
If yes, I suggest you use one device only registerd to the account.

If this set up was working, changing the set up may only make things worse, as the problem may be totally external to the device.

Is there any max download limits on the particular internet connection, and have they been exceeded?

Although it may sound silly and basic, the simplest thing to do may be to just reset the device and perhaps the router and modem, renew all the IPs and wait for things to clear up.

I have four setups that I am managing remotely, in various parts of the globe, and I must say that Voxalot has been working quite stably in the last little while.

Just a thought .............

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