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robbino65 02-20-2007 10:57 AM

Skypho registration problem
Ciao to all
I'm roberto, italy.

Thanks to voxalot, now, i can use my E61 and my IP Phone in house.
It remains only 1 problem: Skypho.
I use it with my computer since lase december.
many of my customer knows that number so I wanted to use it in a configuration with voxalot.
The problem is that it remains in "Auth. send" or in "Pending".....
I cannot log in into Skypho.
Someone has experiences with thos king of issue?


martin 02-20-2007 11:09 AM

I just looked and there are hundreds of successfully registered skypho accounts in the system.

Are you using host:


If you are still having problems PM me your 6 digit VoXaLot account.

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