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satphoneguy 12-01-2007 09:39 PM

feature idea: 'callback forwarding'
This idea comes out of the way rebtel and talkster work. What I would like see is this. I call comes into my voxalot account. I have 'callback forwarding' set to ring my cell phone in a high cost termination country. The caller hears 'please hold on the line while we connect your call.' I would than recieve a call with a local sipbroker number as caller ID. I would reject the call and than call the SIPbroker number right back. I would than be connected to the calling party. This could be part of a premuim voxalot package.

If the sipbroker part would be complicated than the same service with my own VSP/DID number would also work. The idea is to allow SIP based inbound calls to my cell phone that are free/cheap since I call back to a landline number(of course I would need a plan that provides unlimited or cheap calls to landlines; but these are becoming very common in europe)


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