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LinkMM 10-10-2007 06:23 AM

Voicemail Does Not Work
I have tried *500, and it NEVER works. I get a fast busy EVERY
time. Can you tell me why? Also, when someone on the Voxalot
network dials my extension "123XXX" they can NEVER get my phone to
ring. It goes to a fast busy also. But I can receive calls on this same
line through a SIPNumber DID. Strange...:confused:

emoci 10-11-2007 04:06 AM

Well, there are a few things to try (some are gonna sound obvious):

-Before doing anything power cycle your ATA (turn off, wait a min or so, plug back on)
-Is your VM in VoXalot activated (set to Yes)
-Are there any Call Forwarding rules in your account (only applies if you have a Premium account)
-What happens when you receive a call from SIPPhone but do not answer it, does it go to VM normally then....
-What are you registering VoXalot into (what ATA/SoftPhone)
-I would suggest setting NAT Mapping and NAT Keep Alive to Yes in your ATA
-I would suggest (although it should not affect VoiceMail anyways) that you set a STUN server in your ATA (stun.xten.com has worked well for me)
-When registering your ATA ensure your are using xx.voxalot.com (where xx is us or au or eu depending on the cluster you are using, you can find out which cluster or change it on your VoXalot member page) as the proxy.
-If the problem persists, and provided the Account in question is a VoxBasic account, set up a fresh account and see if this goes away

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