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padboll 07-30-2011 09:23 AM

Poivy (Betamax/Dellmont), lying again on rates
Just to share with those who want: be careful, Poivy (Betamax/Dellmont) still lies on rates at least to landlines in France.
Announced at 0.015/min exc. VAT (when out of free days), they really charge 0.02 exc. VAT.

Off course that's not a problem of money, but a problem of honesty! When I wrote to alert on charge/rate mistake, they just replied "no, it's correct". (Yes, I known, I should be happy for getting an answer...)
No more answer to my reply nor next message. Off course, no correction on charge nor announced rates on their website.

Personally, I prefer to pay more but being sure the people I'giving money to are honest... I chose another provider, a British one, with good prices, reliable and good services. This one has nothing to do with Betamax/Dellmont, which is probably a very good thing according to many similar behaviors from other Betamax/Dellmont-like providers who seem to maintain a policy of contempt towards customers.

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