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padboll 08-14-2010 09:38 AM

Voxalot dying/dead? What about the future?
Today there was still an issue with the well known/used proxy01.us1.voxalot.com; the one that many use to avoid FUP with Betamax.
This FUP problem is very old and source of many threads all around this forum, without never having a reliable/definitive solution nor any realistic explanation.
Why this one works well (=without FUP, 99% of time) and others don't?
It's hard to believe that Betamax detects MAC address and triggers FUP based on it... (Even if Betamax has a really suspect behavior and they're no more subject to confidence!)
Do the different servers are still managed? What about an investigation on the differences in configurations?

Configuring device to us.voxalot.com would solve this kind of blocking situation... But I'm far from being alone using this proxy to avoid FUP. And, for most people, I'm pretty sure that they didn't explain how to diagnose and change configuration to their wife/husband/children when there is a problem and he/she's out.
When Voxalot is the main telephony system and fails too often (because no redundancy in this config), it loses its credibility and make people afraid to use it anymore, and VoIP as a whole.

The Voxalot webiste as well has some leaks that make me feel like in an abandoned service: see http://forum.voxalot.com/site-inform...html#post31616

Except Emoci and Martin who do their best to help, is there anyone else in the ship? Is there still someone to drive it?

I've been a Voxalot user since 2006, I worked hard to make "normal" people aware of VoIP from end of 2004. Now that finally more and more people get interested, I would really be deceived to see Voxalot disappear. (As well as losing confidence of all people I already switched to Voxalot.)
From end of 2004, I tested many things on many services and, definitely, Voxalot is not replaceable, there is no equivalent.

According to the many Premium users who have problems too, with often request to be switched back to free account, I don't believe it is a money problem. So... what?
If it is related to work-power, I'm convinced there will be volunteers to help, like me.

I'm currently on heavy demands from many people, and don't want to make them disgusted of VoIP. I don't know for the rest of the world but, here in Europe, the VoIP is now finally exploding, even if it took several years to break the dominant position of national providers.

Please, if there is still someone there, take a little while to make public your intentions for the future.
I really don't want to register directly to Betamax, which has completely lost my confidence due to frequent double charge/no answer to complaints and many more.
Now, I think it is time to take off with VoIP among new national/international providers, as a free competitor to bring many positive things to users, or to die and let this new world derivate to a situation that could be worse than before.

Enough philosophy for today.

mimecine 08-14-2010 12:08 PM

I can only agree...

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