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beaver 02-07-2010 01:58 AM

Toll Free calls not working on SPA1001 Line2
I opened my IPKall and my voxalot Jan. 2010. I had set voxalot on my SPA1001 Line1 using port 5060. It was working fine (inbound 360-xxx-xxxx & outbound toll free calls).

Today, I moved this setting from Line1 to Line2 using port#5061 because I need to restore my previous voip on Line1 using port 5060.
My inbound calls on Line2 (360-xxx-xxxxx) runs good still. Echo test on Line2 also seems working (# *600).
But it's found that toll free calls couldn't go through any more. Either dial 8xx... or 1.8xxx. Most time, I heard nothing, some times I heard "yes". It ended up to a busy tone.

I did search in voxalot forum, there were about ten threads discussing voxalot line2. My Line2 config sounds ok (as said, # *600 echo test passed and inbound works).
I am thinking it's a dial plan issue, but couldn't figure it out. I am using

Anyone can help?


emoci 02-12-2010 06:21 PM

Are incoming calls from IPKall to VoXalot working fine...?

I can suggest two solutions:

-In line 1 where you have SipGate under the dial plan line add this:

(The Dial Plan you have right now...leave it there|18xx.<:@sipbroker.com>)

This means you no longer have to change lines from 1 to 2 for toll free calls ... 1800 should be forced directly over SipBroker

(If you can post the current dial plan under line 1 we can adjust this further).

Rather than using port 5061 (in line 2), use 4060 or 3060 and set up the proxy as noted here Setting up Linksys PAP2 - Voxalot FAQ

beaver 02-13-2010 06:37 AM

Thanks for your tips.

I tried two dial-plans below on my spa1001 line1. but I couldn't get either working (I like your idea using line1 instead of line2 for 18xxx calls. so I tried hard but sipgate account showed that line1 never went to sipbroker or ipkall directly. it went to sipgate via GV)

I couldn't get the line2 working either. either 5061 or 4060 couldn't make outbound 18xx calls.
Yes, inbound calls on line2 work. *600 (echo test) and *500 (check voice mails) both are working find.

I have read your link of pap2 setting so many times that I almost could recite it. :)


I decided to move on. I have a spare ats 6011s and decided to set it for voxalot.
my spa1001 runs sipgate and betamax.

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