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KroontjesPen 08-21-2007 09:33 AM

Missing images tutorial?
It was predictable that I came now in this part off the form. ;)

Thanks for all those plans here, particular the Dutch off course. :p

In the tutorial “Setting up a Smart Call (Dial Plan)” there are two missing images.
Instead off them there is only the text “image” but they are used in the explaining text.
Can and will you look to it.

Thanks in advance.

klap282799 09-14-2007 06:27 AM

Dial plan between Voxalot members
I want to route calls to a specific server (au.voxalot.com) and I wanted to setup a dial plan for it so I don't have to keep pressing *010 or *061

So I set a pattern match for : _XXXXXX
Replacement : *061${EXTEN}
Provider : Voxalot

The results are below when I dial 6 digits when playing around with "Test Dial" :
When I dial 282803, the string that gets sent is sip:*061282803@voxalot.com (Which routes to US, I can hear the delay)
When I dial *061282803, the string that gets sent is sip:*282803@au.voxalot.com. (Australia, little delay)
Even is I dial *010282803, the string that gets sent is sip:*282803@au.voxalot.com. (Australia, little delay)

The dial plan seems to bypass it's ability to detect the closest geographical location.

I can definitely hear the delay in the call that's routed to US instead of Australia.

Can someone help to see whether there's something I can tune in the dial plan? Or Martin, is this something that can be fixed?


seriedadgarantia 09-27-2007 10:11 PM

hello ,
im in peru
i need understand the dial plan,
i have acounts i voipstunt , lowratevoip,net2phone,icallhere,
im new in voxalot and i cant do the dial plans
i have a pap2t, i configue with voxalot, this have tone, but when i dial a number , say me sorry the number is not rigth,
i did only two simple dial plan for two providers,
please if some body can help me how to configure rigth form the advanced dial plan
i did

130166 09-28-2007 12:31 PM

Can you export dialplan to file and send?

srdudley 02-14-2008 08:46 PM

SPA-3000 to Voxalot Dial Plan
I am new to voxalot and would like for someone to help me with my dial plan. I will post my current dial plan with an explaination of it and I was hoping someone could come up with a voxalot dial plan, I want all calls to go via my engin account except for those that go to pstn currently like 000. I live in Queensland Australian and am with engin. My ata is a SPA-3000

Thanks in advance :D:D:D

(*xx|000S0<:@gw0>|<#1:@gw0>|1223S0<:@gw0>|0011xx.| 0018xx.|1194S0<:@gw0>|1300xxxxxxS0|1902xxxxxxS0|18 00xxxxxxS0<:@gw0>|13[1-9]xxxS0<:@gw0>|<:07>[3-5]xxxxxxx|0[2-9]xxxxxxxxS0|<9999:1300305000>S0|<12345:0731142100>S 0|<111:074631????>S0|<111:040391????>S0|<123:00114 4207503????>S0)

*xx --- allows in-built ATA codes
000S0<:@gw0> --- Emergency Calls to PSTN
<#1:@gw0> --- Dial #1 to get Real Telstra Dial Tone to check Message Bank or use PSTN
1223S0<:@gw0> --- Telstra Directory Assist via PSTN
0011xx. --- Dial International
0018xx. --- Dial International - UK Special
1194S0<:@gw0> ---- Telstra Time Call via PSTN
1300xxxxxxS0 --- Dial 1300 Numbers
1800xxxxxxS0<:@gw0> --- 1800 numbers via PSTN
13[1-9]xxxS0 --- Dial 13 numbers
1900xxxxxx! --- Bar all calls to 1900 Numbers
<:07>[3-5]xxxxxxx --- add 07 to all numbers starting with 2,3,4 for QLD
0[2-9]xxxxxxxxS0 --- interstate numbers
<9999:1300305000>S0 --- dial 9999 rings engin helpdesk
<12345:0731142100>S0 --- dial 12345 rings engin Voice Mail
<111:074694????>S0 --- Dial 111 rings Family member No. 1
<0111:040391????>S0 --- Dial 0111 rings Family member No. 1 on Mobile
<123:001144207503????>S0) --- Dial 123 to ring Rebecca in the UK

qubo 07-24-2009 07:02 PM

dial plan in asterisk to make sipbroker calls help ?????
HI I wonder if it possible to config a dialplan behind asterisk since I put the following but is not working I want to use my voxalot account as a sipbroker account to make free calls to +2000 voip providers
any help would be welcome and appreciate


register =>3833xx:xxxxx@us.voxalot.com/3833xx


exten => 3833xx,1,Ringing()
exten => 3833xx,n,Dial(SIP/1031&SIP/1001&SIP/2222,150,tThHkKr)

exten => _200X.,1,Dial(SIP/3833xx/${EXTEN:3},120,tThHkKr)

here the 200 gives a line to my voxalot account then I want to put *011 and any number for voip as sipbroker.com but when dial * the call drop so i can not make to work for sipbroker.com calls

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