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ozimarco 12-07-2006 01:08 AM

I have got it working now, thanks. All I had to do is move the dial plan up ahead of the other _1300 dial plan. There must have been a conflict when I had it further down the list.

usf 12-26-2006 07:24 AM

I know the way : add voip provider to voxalot's provider topic than create a dial plan for that voip provider.
due to sipbroker is not a voip provider, no user ID and password sign up. so I cannot fill sipbroker to voxalot 's provider topic.
So, how to add sipbroker to voxalot dial plan.

martin 12-27-2006 12:18 AM

SIP Broker is automatically available in your dial plan without the need to add it. On the dial plan entry page just select "SIP Broker" as your provider.

usf 12-28-2006 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by martin (Post 4447)
SIP Broker is automatically available in your dial plan without the need to add it. On the dial plan entry page just select "SIP Broker" as your provider.

Thanks very much.
I do not notice that sipbroker is already in provider list.

pelikano 01-05-2007 02:11 PM

this is and extended version of a working Dutch dialplan conform OPTA(independently regulates compliance with legislation and regulations in the areas of post and electronic communications.)

Dial Plans

Priority Pattern        Replacement        Provider                  Comment
1        _112                ${EXTEN}        BudgetPhone-out        emergency number
2        _18XX                ${EXTEN}        BudgetPhone-out        new information numbers
3        _118                ${EXTEN}        BudgetPhone-out        old information number
5        _ZXXXXX        31592${EXTEN}        VoipStunt                local numbers(city: Assen, nl)
6        _ZXXXXXXXXXXX        00${EXTEN}        VoipStunt                international numbers
10        _0800.                ${EXTEN}        BudgetPhone-out        toll free numbers 0800
20        _06xxxxxxxx        ${EXTEN}        BudgetPhone-out        Dutch mobile local format
21        _316.                0${EXTEN:2}        BudgetPhone-out          Dutch mobile national format
22        _00316.                0${EXTEN:4}        BudgetPhone-out          Dutch mobile international format
30        _0900.                ${EXTEN}        BudgetPhone-out        toll numbers 0900
31        _090[69]XXX.        ${EXTEN}        BudgetPhone-out          toll numbers 0906 and 0909
100        _0031.                0${EXTEN:4}        VoipStunt                local international format
101        _00.                ${EXTEN}        VoipStunt                international format
105        _0.                ${EXTEN}        VoipStunt                national format

Beware of the priority sequence!
If your inbound provider is Budgetphone, define two entries. For details:


Provider List

Description                Username                Host                          Active        Status
BudgetPhone-in        31592xxxxxx@budgetphone.nl          sip.budgetphone.nl        Yes        Registered 
BudgetPhone-out          31592xxxxxx                budgetphone.nl                Yes      -

Hally 01-10-2007 01:33 AM

Dial plan for Geelong, Victoria, Australia
All local calls go through FaktorTel 52xx.
International, mobile and short calls go through PennyTel
All national calls outside local go through WDP.
I can prepend a number with 1* etc to send through a different provider.
18881 is the SipMe account balance number.
777 is the PennyTel Help Desk number.

Priority Pattern Replacement Provider Active

1 _52. 03${EXTEN} FaktorTel Yes
2 _0[2378]XXXXXXXX ${EXTEN} WorldDialPoint Yes
3 _04. ${EXTEN} Pennytel Yes
4 _0011. ${EXTEN} Pennytel Yes
5 _5*X. ${EXTEN:2} Koala VoIP Yes
6 _09. ${EXTEN} FaktorTel Yes
7 _4*X. ${EXTEN:2} SipMe Yes
8 _3*X. ${EXTEN:2} Pennytel Yes
9 _7XXXX ${EXTEN} Koala VoIP Yes
10 _888xxxxx. ${EXTEN} Pennytel Yes
11 _1777xxxxxx ${EXTEN} SipMe Yes
12 _619XXXXXXXX ${EXTEN} WorldDialPoint Yes
13 _13xx. ${EXTEN} FaktorTel Yes
14 _1*X. ${EXTEN:2} WorldDialPoint Yes
15 _2*X. ${EXTEN:2} FaktorTel Yes
16 _18881 ${EXTEN} SipMe Yes
17 _777 ${EXTEN} Pennytel Yes

ajamedor 01-21-2007 03:55 AM

I'm currently using everything via PennyTel at the moment. I had SipMe as my local calls for a while but now that I have a DID, 8c via PT is nice.

Priority      Pattern          Replacement          Provider
1      _888XXXXXXX            ${EXTEN}        PennyTel
2        _779.                        ${EXTEN}        PennyTel
11        _612XXXXXXXX                ${EXTEN}        PennyTel
12        _02XXXXXXXX                61${EXTEN:1}        PennyTel
13        _[8-9]XXXXXXX                612${EXTEN}        PennyTel
21        _614XXXXXXXX                ${EXTEN}        PennyTel
22        _04XXXXXXXX                61${EXTEN:1}        PennyTel
31        _61[378]XXXXXXXX        ${EXTEN}        PennyTel
32        _0[378]XXXXXX.                61${EXTEN:1}        PennyTel
41        _1[38]00XXXXXX                61${EXTEN}        PennyTel
42        _13[1-9]XXX                61${EXTEN}        PennyTel
91        _0011.                        ${EXTEN:4}        PennyTel
92        _XXXXXXXXXX.                ${EXTEN}        PennyTel

Priority x (1&2) are Pennytel SIP and Short Code to use Budget Dial Plan (non-untimed)
Priority 1x are all local numbers
Priority 2x are all mobile numbers
Priority 3x are all national numbers
Priority 4x are toll based numbers
Priority 9x are international numbers

Priorities in the "4x" are for my Softphone, I don't have this Plan on my other Voxalot account which is attached to my ATA as my SPA dialling rules will send them out to the PSTN line.

I use Priority 92 to accept any number greater than 10 digits, which will usually constitute an IDD code.
Why not have less "X" in the string?
Having more than 10 digits will disallow 1900 numbers from the dial plan.
ie: 1900 XXX XXX is 10 digits but not greater than, so 1900 will not be forwarded.

I guess I could completely remove "92" and be forced to put "0011" at the beginning of all my calls but I use my Contacts List on X-Lite (and MS Outlook Contacts). They're all set in International format so I just double click on the name and it will call. To create rules or having to copy the number, press "0011" then paste number will be a bit tedious.

There's probably a simpler way of doing this but it seems to work well right now.


andy 01-24-2007 02:21 PM

is it permissable to use a dialplan to make speed dials for individual pstn numbers, such as

76 _76 00447624.... VoipCheap
80 _80 1800........ Blueface
91 _91 00441......... VoipCheap

I can see the Blueface entry for an Irish freephone number might conflict with US freephone numbers if those were dialled without 00 and handled by an earlier but not later rule

scrag 02-28-2007 12:01 PM

Here are my dial plans:

Priority Pattern Replacement Provider Active
10 _[45689]XXXXXXX 03${EXTEN} Pennytel
20 _0[2378]XXXXXXXX ${EXTEN} Pennytel
30 _0[45]XXXXXXXX 61${EXTEN:1} Pennytel
40 _1[38]00XXXXXX 61${EXTEN} Pennytel
50 _1[3]XXXX 61${EXTEN} Pennytel
60 _0011. 00${EXTEN:4} Voipbuster
70 _#1[45689]XXXXXXX 77903${EXTEN:2} Pennytel
80 _#10[2378]XXXXXXXX 779${EXTEN:2} Pennytel
90 _XXX. ${EXTEN} Pennytel

voxod 03-10-2007 12:07 AM

I'm confused...as usual for a newbie....

Are the dial plans listed here put into the ATA or are the put into Voxalot?

The dial plan I copied and put into my ATA is
(*[56]00S0 |*xxx[x*]. |x |*xx |1[89]76x.! |1[79]00x.! |1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |011xx. |411S0 |<303:1303>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<303:1303>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |<720:1720>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<720:1720>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |<303:1303>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 |#x<303:1303>[2-9]xxxxxxS0 )

I don't know how the Voxalot dial plan matters if my ATA has the plan. Should I remove the dial plan from my ATA and figure out a dial plan for Voxalot?

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