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MarkosJal 12-23-2007 06:58 AM

VPF and other private Peering?

Just an idea, perhaps at least worth investigating, does anyone know the possibilities of Voxalot/SIPBroker peering with the VPF (Voice Peering Fabric)?

EDIT>> I am referring to the settlement Free ENUM database

I know the VPF requires that you connect from a location where the connection is physically available, and that you be a member. I do not believe this means that VoxaLot's server needs to be located there , just that perhaps an arrangement can be made whereby it was accessible from voxalot, including the ENUM database. There are also a number of other peering companies appearing on the scene, and I think it would be the ultimate if Voxalot managed to gain access to those private ENUM registries as well.

Also, a note to Martin, Have you no interest in the project I sought help on via email? Perhaps a telephone chat may open your eyes to some of the possibilities.


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