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800793 11-17-2007 05:52 AM

Dial plan and various problems
Maybe someone is working with the server or the server is upgrading... I registered new accounts with Voxalot and in the past two days there were various problems. e.g. the echo test had no problem, however, only one party can hear the other, the other party cannot hear anything. Or the softphone got the message "waiting for acknowledgement" and eventually disconnects. And the dial plan sometimes does not work. I've noticed that problems occured when the call routed through dial plan, e.g. _xxxxxx through voxalot, or ${EXTEN:ReplaceAll}SomeID through SomeProvider. If I dial something directly like *010xxxxxx or SomeID@SomeProvider.com, there were no problems.

Now most of the problems disappeared, but there are still two problems remain. 1st, for any call through dial plan, the callee will get disconnected at about 30 seconds. 2nd, the dial plan cannot be changed. You can still change dial plans in your account from the web site, however, the changes are not actually committed to your account though the web site shows the new dial plan. Maybe someone working with the server found problems with dial plan and freezed account dial plan change, or maybe it is just my account that got problem. :confused: Spent too much time to figure it out.

800793 11-17-2007 10:29 AM

Some progress. I switched back to sjphone, and the "awaiting acknowledgement" problem appeared again. So it's actually the the same problem as the 30 seconds connection problem. It's only that shphone reports this problem, but eyebeam does not report this problem however eyebeam will also disconnect in 30 seconds.

To restate it, any call that goes through the dial plan will have the above problem.

I've tried the method as mentioned by Martin in previous post to uncheck the "use disconvered address in SIP". It does not seem to work. I have account with PBXes and it worked fine with softphones without any tweak. I've tried various settings with softphones and my Voxalot account, none will work. Maybe the only way out is to set port forwarding.

The dial plan change still works, only seems slow to commit from the web change to actual account change. It was taking effect on the fly one or two days ago when I made changes on the web.

martin 11-17-2007 10:36 AM


You have "Symmetric NAT Handling" set to "No". Set this to "Yes" and try unchecking the "use discovered address in SIP" setting in SJPhone.

The dial plan updates were an issue today due to the web server upgrade. This should no longer be a problem.


800793 11-17-2007 11:02 AM

It's the same. I've tried all the combinations of settings I can think of. The audio was transmitted and received fine on both party in the first 30 seconds though the sjphone reports "awaiting acknowledgement". I remembered long time ago when I got the same message with sjphone with some VSP account, the call was not connected at the time "awaiting acknowledgement". Now that the call is actually connected in the 30 seconds, and the problem only occurs when the call is routed through the dial plan, it looks like there is a small bug in the dial plan routing.

800793 11-17-2007 11:14 AM

Looks like other people having the same problem didn't get a definite solution either. BTW, is "#" allowed in the dial plan string? I have some dial plans _#1x., _#2x. to choose among VSPs but got the message "the number could not be connected".

800793 11-19-2007 07:16 AM

So far, spa1001 has been tested to work behind router without port forwarding with no problem. So should be other spa or linksys products. SJphone, eyeBeam and ATS 6011s only work for 30 seconds for any call that routes through the dial plan. ATS 6011s needs Symmetric NAT Handling in order to register.

kurun 11-19-2007 01:05 PM

"#" is usually programmed as a "Send" command in the ATA or IP phone.
So it is better to avoid using it in the dial plan string.
The ATA will never pass the character to the Voxalot server, if it uses it as an "End of Entry" and "Send" command.

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