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130166 08-28-2007 01:14 PM

Which character(s)=PAUSE ?
I want to make some speeddials for callthru by Betamax company, because some Betamax have better rates but no SIP possible. For that reason I need some speeddialrules.
I try this, but not working. Probably because PAUSE is not p or ***(that I use on my mobile) in Voxalot.
No. Contact Nummernaam Provider
**1 test smsdiscount callthru 0031107442515p0049123456789# SMS Discount
**1 via smsdiscount callthru 0031107442515***0049123456789# SMS Discount

003110744215 is smsdiscount access number in Netherlands(I know smsdiscount work with SIP, but this is for test only)
0049123456789 is number to call

How I have to make a PAUSE in Voxalot instead of using "p" or "***"?

foneboxx 08-28-2007 02:48 PM

Very interesting as it is the ultimate solution to make the Betamax non Sip products work on voip ata's or Sip clients.
Thanx a lot for that question.If anyone could help...:)

Edit: You mean that you can "callthrough" using VoXalot SpeedDialRule? Was not awared of that. Could you explain? Did you get that solution work on a classic Sip Softphone or Good old Phone?

130166 08-28-2007 05:21 PM

Because it work on my mobile, I was thinking that to use for my ip-phone too(esp. dialnow have lower rates to NL and DE mobile).
But a look on x-lite forum learn me that this seems not possible with voip.
Maybe only if Voxalot makes two step dialing possible.
So i have to remember the numbers in my head instead of phone.:(

foneboxx 08-28-2007 05:34 PM

The two step could be possible with an asterisk, but tried with both justvoip and nonoh, no registration possible.Did not try to register nonoh or justvoip through Voxalot and then try to register my VoXalot through asterisk, will give it a try, maybe a solution...:) Stay tuned, will report .

emoci 08-28-2007 08:01 PM

What he'sdoinf is this:

1. Adding a SIP Compatible Betamax service with VoXalot
2. Calling an Access Number for a Non-Sip Compatible service using the free calling on the SIP Compatible service (hence using the Non SIP service via the Access Number)

foneboxx 08-28-2007 08:26 PM

hi emoci, could you explain more please?

130166 08-28-2007 09:39 PM

Yes, it is a emoci said. I have already smsdiscount account, but want to use Dialnow for some DE/NL mobile using the Dutch accesnumber from Dialnow using smsdiscount as sip-provider.
First dial accesnumber and then number to call is possible, but I want onestepdial from phonebook in my phone, so I not have to remember number, only choose "friend A" in my phonebook and phone and voxalot do the rest.
From my mobile this works(using "accesnumber p numbertocall #", but I want the same from phone at home, without using computer.(with small extra advance that calling to accesnumber is free(freedays), but most important for me is onestepdial).

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