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veryprouddad 06-10-2007 03:53 PM

SPA3102 Fails to Register

I have an SPA3102 that I cannot get to register with Voxalot. I am however able to get XLite to register and successfully make calls (I have for now little interest in receiving VOIP calls). I followed the setup procedure advised by the Voxalot Tutorial page, and have have the following hardware setup.

- SPA3102 is behind my DSL modem/router
- SPA3102 is set to have a static IP - I am able to use the online setup by referencing this static IP.
- My telephone is correctly connected through the SPA 3102

This is all a bit frustrating, and is probably due to my being entirely new to this.

Your help would be deeply appreciated.

Kind regards, Simon

richard99 06-10-2007 04:50 PM

If you are located some where in middle east, then do not waste time to configure Sip device, it is not possible to register this device and be happy with X-lite.

veryprouddad 06-10-2007 05:13 PM

Hi Richard,

I'm in the UK, so I should be OK on that front ;)

Kind regards, Simon

technoboy 07-02-2007 08:06 PM

Can I assume that, when you say you are connecting to your router,you are NOT using the router part of the ATA? You should have nothing connected to the WAN connection.
I have set one up for a friend and it does register with Voxalot - sadly though it keeps losing registration - why, I don't know, because my SPA-3000, with similar settings, works absolutley fine. :confused:

Another thing to note is that there are, effectively, 2 IP addresses to consider - you have probably worked this out anyway but I am mentioning it just in case.
There is an IP for the router then there is a separate IP for the ATA part. The router, as far as I can see, is useless in the UK and Australia because it uses PPoE and, in the civilised world (tic) ;) , we use PPoA.

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