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TheOne 12-06-2006 11:45 AM

problem with sip
hi i have n80 mobile and i regesterd with wht sip server u have here and when ill try to conect via wifi and i dont know wht to do can any body adivce or tell me wht to do from the bigening plzz

rossmurray 12-07-2006 10:26 AM

On looking at your user manual here I can see that you can connect to a WLAN (pages 96-99 of this manual). That isnt the important bit though from what I can gather. The best bit is your phone supports the Session Initiated Protocol (or SIP as mentioned here in Voxalot) over UMTS (ie your N80 must show that it's in 3G mode for this to work). Check out page 63 of the user manual.

It would seem that you just need to add a new SIP profile for each contact you wish to call (using the data on Sipbroker the first three or four digits representing their voip providers unique 'code')

I'm sure there's more to it but maybe someone a little more technical than me can work it. I personally can't workout where to place the voxalot settings yet but maybe if you contact Nokia telling them the type of information you need to enter they could point you in the right direction?

Best of luck ;)

shezad 12-08-2006 05:37 PM

Im getting Nokia n80ie from next week, and that phone is supported for SIP as i know. I hope voxalot will work with it, anyone else got it to work with the new nokia n80ie or nokia n80 (regular)

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