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emoci 07-08-2011 01:56 AM

What is VoXalot?

VoXalot can be best described as a SIP Service aggregator. In a few words it lets you put multiple OTHER SIP services together, to create a custom VoIP Service Provider.

The service is provided in two flavours, a Free VoXBasic service, and a Paid VoXPremium service with extra features.

Free VoXBasic Service includes:
  • Ability to register to your VoXalot SIP Acct. using most SoftPhones, ATAs, IP Phones and VoIP enabled mobiles.
  • Incoming calls from SipBroker Access Numbers (through two-step calling)
  • Incoming calls via SIP URI
  • Multiple Outgoing SIP Providers can be registered (this supports most providers, except those that require SIP registration for placing calls)
  • Dial Plans (or Smart Calling) which lets you use your preferred provider for each destination.
  • Speed Dial List
  • Voice Mail (which can also be accessed from regular phones via SipBroker)
  • Automatic ENum lookup
  • Automatic Geo lookup for Premium Numbers in the UK and Australia (via e164.org)
  • Virtual Toll Free (A small script to let people call you from the Web: VoXalot can call their phones using your other Voip Provider(s), or their SIP URI and connect them to you)
  • Import/Export feature for Providers/Dial Plans/Speed Dials to move them from one acct to the next.

VoXPremium adds the following extra features:
  • Call Forwarding based on incoming "Caller ID" or "Provider" over which the call is coming, and the "Time of Day" (eg. send incoming calls to SIP URIs or Phone numbers, so you can always receive your calls).
  • Web CallBack (enter two numbers and select the Voip Providers to use to call each number and connect the two ends)
  • VoiceMail on the Web (listen and erase messages on the website.
  • Receive Incoming Calls from multiple third party providers by having VoXalot SIP Register with them directly (VoXBasic: 0 Registrations, VoXLite: 1 Registration, VoXPro: 5 Registrations, VoXExtreme: 10 Registrations)

What VoXalot WILL NOT do:
  • It WON’T give you free calls
  • By itself it WON’T give you outgoing calls to the PSTN, you need a 3rd party SIP provider for that.
  • By itself it WON’T give you a direct number that can be called from the PSTN, you need a 3rd party DID provider for that.
  • VoXPremium DOES NOT support Call Hunting or Simultaneous Call Forwarding.
  • There is NO guarantee of compatibility or ability to make free calls via BetaMax providers.
  • Review all other known compatibility issues here: http://forum.voxalot.com/voxalot-sup...solutions.html

Service Support Level Limitations for both Free and Paid Accounts:

Billing Questions & Issues:

Please contact payments [at] voxalot.com
Review: http://forum.voxalot.com/voxalot-sup...ease-read.html

Where can I find VoXalot setup Instructions ?

Voxalot Wiki
Voxalot - FAQ
Voxalot - Tutorials

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